This is one of those projects where I just felt absolutely stumped. I remember wondering why anyone would ever join the Peace Corps and willingly give two years of their time to community service abroad. Perhaps I was just too selfish to understand, so I took a break from conceptualizing and went to a house show featuring a bunch of folk-punk bands I'd never heard of, but they were mostly in the vein of other folk-punk bands I'd seen in the past - trying really hard to be like AJJ (formerly Andrew Jackson Jihad) but just a little different.

The next day the idea hit me as I was thinking about AJJ's lyrical content which was generally nihilistic, political and existential. These are the sort of ideas that fueled my intentions for the piece, as if speaking to the heart of someone having an existential crisis in search of an escape from the chaos of ones own monotonous, selfish existence. So I wrote the script and narrated it myself.