The prompt for this was just to create something based on a word, any word, and I think giving me that much freedom was a bad idea. Perhaps one of my most highly regarded works of motion graphics, MEME is an exploration of the aesthetic happenings of meme experience. Borrowing from the philosophies of Richard Dawkins, Don Hertzfeld (with less nihilism) and the entire internet at large, I really wanted to show what I think happens when you engage with a meme spiritually and emotionally. The result is nothing shy of raw, romantic passion.

I love this film, honestly. When I first made it, I think it only took a couple of sittings to complete, but I think I've revised it more times than any of my other works. While still definitely not the most polished piece I've ever completed, in my opinion, it's easily one of the most fully realized comedic ideas I've ever completed. It was a great opportunity to flex my funny muscles with some very successful moments of comedic timing.


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