The project was just to create something using vectors. Initially, I was stumped because I had experience working with vector animations in the past but only with Adobe Flash. Vectors in After Effects was a new kind of beast for me and I knew I couldn't just put anything up the screen. Though I didn't know what to make, I kinda knew what the professor was expecting: flatness, object-oriented pseudo-storytelling. I didn't have any interest in creating anything vapid or that I wouldn't feel comfortable saying "yes, I made this".

The resulting concept ended up being kind of an accident, if I remember correctly. This idea came from a few others that I mashed together. I was playing around with making something akin to running through a hall while looking up at the ceiling. Then, for whatever reason it just kinda clicked. I ruminated on the word "komorebi" which was featured in this list "words from other cultures". I though this would be a really cool approach to making my vector piece so I mixed in these cut-out vector pieces, spread them across z-space and applied this light-leak technique I learned online and that was it. I found the mood music, pieced the images together in a way that was attractive and reflective of the tonal arches I found within the music and this was the result.